ScriptRx is our legacy discharge software.

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  • Treat is a standalone e‑prescribing app built by the world‑class development teams at Bravado Health. Improve your patient’s experience and meet state mandates without being forced to adopt clunky electronic health record software. Simply sign up and start sending e‑prescriptions today.

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  • Ayva makes care teams more efficient. Clinical professionals can personalize post-visit communications and improve their patient’s experience. Patients can manage their health at home through a secure web‑based experience. Ayva can also help organizations reduce readmissions, succeed in alternative payment models and increase staff efficiency.

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  • The most efficient and effective way to generate comprehensive high‑quality discharge plans: this is the idea behind Ayva Discharge. Now that idea is simpler and more powerful than ever. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow and built on a cutting‑edge framework, Ayva Discharge was created for efficiency and performance.

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