New features
available with Treat 5.

Treat 5 is packed with new features to enhance your prescribing experience.

Key Features and Enhancements


Real-time prescription benefits

View estimated out-of-pocket costs for a prescription as well as medication alternatives, pharmacy dispensing channels, and coverage details.

Eligibility and real-time formulary

View a patient’s eligibility coverage and real-time formulary for PBM alternatives.

Medication history

View your patients’ medication history for prescriptions sent to pharmacies nationwide within the past year.

Pharmacy-initiated refills

Save time communicating with the pharmacy. Respond to refill requests in Treat with a single click.


Easily renew prescriptions. Add notes and make changes without starting a new prescription.


Cancel prescriptions for therapies you wish to stop.

Drug reference database

The Treat drug database includes over 60,000 medications that are reviewed and updated regularly.

Formulary management

Build a custom formularly that displays only the drugs which make the most sense for your users.

Clinical-decision alerts: drug-drug and drug-allergy

Based on previously written medications and recorded patient allergies, Treat displays important ingredient-level alerts that can save lives.

Weight-based dosing

Making dosing for children fast, simple and safe. Enter the patients weight and age and the dose is provided automatically.

Enhanced pharmacy search

Search pharmacies by name, city, or street address.

Enhanced patient search

Search patients by orders pending or recently discharged encounters.

Search by diagnosis

Search for diagnosis by name or diagnosis code.

Controlled Substances

Electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS)

Treat is certified for EPCS in all 50 states. Learn more about prescribing controlled substances with Treat.

Prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) integration

View your patient’s PDMP search results in Treat, so you never have to view a separate website. Treat also logs each PDMP view for your records.

Streamlined two-factor authentication

Send controlled substance prescriptions with a single two-factor authentication, instead of signing for each prescription.

Multi-state support

Add your medical licenses to conveniently prescribe controlled substances in more than one state.

Mobile UI

Redesigned mobile experience

Treat has a new compact experience that makes it easier to write prescriptions from your mobile device.


Single sign on

OAuth service to generate access and refresh tokens for an authenticated client.


Request API documentation from our website.


Search, retrieve, create, and update patient records.


Retrieve, create, and update encounters.


Retrieve, create, and update prescription orders.


Retrieve, create, update, and manage users.


Search pharmacies.

Import Data

Import patients

Import your patient database to quickly add patients you already have records for. Go to Settings and click Patients to import patient records.

Import users

Import a list of users to save time setting up your practice. Go to Settings and click User Import to import a user list.

New import fields

Over 14 new fields for importing patients — including Pharmacy, Diagnosis Codes, and Orders — allow you to transfer more data.

Import pharmacies

Pharmacies can be imported using NCPDP ID.


Reopen encounters

Closed encounters can be edited for quick changes. For example, if you missed a prescription, you can edit the previous encounter instead of starting a new one.

View previous encounters

View details of previous encounters in the patient’s record.

Extend encounters

Extend the length of encounters by 3 days, 7 days, or 30 days.

Patient Card

Redesigned patient card

The patient card has been redesigned to provide more utility throughout your day.

Pharmacy NCPDP ID

The Pharmacy NCPDP ID is now visible in the pharmacy information section.


Prescribing reports

Generate detailed reports on all prescribing activity for your account.

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