New features
available with Treat 2.

Treat 2 makes e‑prescribing easier than ever with new tools and enhanced features.

Automatic Upgrade

Key Features and Enhancements



Easily renew prescriptions. Add notes and make changes without starting a new prescription.

Enhanced pharmacy search

Search pharmacies by name, city, or street address.

Enhanced patient search

Search patients by orders pending or recently discharged encounters.

Search by diagnosis

Search for diagnosis by name or diagnosis code.



Register, insert patients, sign in, and add drug order details.


API documentation can be requested here.

Import Data

Import patients

Import your patient database to quickly add patients you already have records for. Go to Settings and click Patients to import patient records.

Import users

Import a list of users to save time setting up your practice. Go to Settings and click User Import to import a user list.

New import fields

Over 14 new fields for importing patients — including Pharmacy, Diagnosis Codes, and Orders — allow you to transfer more data.

Import pharmacies

Pharmacies can be imported using NCPDP ID.


Reopen encounters

Closed encounters can be edited for quick changes. For example, if you missed a prescription, you can edit the previous encounter instead of starting a new one.

Prescription history

Now you can easily see the medications you previously prescribed in the patient’s record.

View previous encounters

View details of previous encounters in the patient’s record.

Extend encounters

Extend the length of encounters by 3 days, 7 days, or 30 days.

Patient Card

Redesigned patient card

The patient card has been redesigned to provide more utility throughout your day.

Pharmacy NCPDP ID

The Pharmacy NCPDP ID is now visible in the pharmacy information section.


Prescribing reports

Generate detailed reports on all prescribing activity for your account.

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