Lower your total cost of care.

Deliver the right care at the right time. Ayva helps care teams identify patients who may need additional assistance after a hospitalization, surgery, or checkup.

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Prioritize your caseload.

Ayva collects information from your EHR, national indices, biometric sensors, and patient interactions to create a holistic view of the patient’s health after they leave your care. The aggregated data is displayed as a numerical value, called the Adverse Impact Score. Patient’s scores can be used to identify potential problems early and assess if further evaluation is necessary.

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Improve delivery of care with Ayva.

Ayva makes care teams more efficient.

Clinical professionals can personalize post-visit communications and improve their patient’s experience. Patients can manage their health at home through a secure web-based experience. Ayva can also help organizations reduce readmissions, succeed in alternative payment models and increase staff efficiency.

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Continue patient care at home.

At home, Ayva enables patients to stay connected to their care teams. Patients can interact with Ayva anytime from their web-enabled device. Unlike native iOS and Android apps, patients don’t have to download or update anything. Ayva also pairs with medical devices to make it easy for patients to record their health data and share it with their care teams.

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