Patient engagement for every care journey.

Simplify the care journey from preparation to recovery across the entire spectrum of surgeries, procedures, and disease management.


Elevate the patient experience.

Simplify the care journey from preparation to recovery. Maximize efficiency. Improve outcomes. Save costs. Ayva delivers these benefits and more via an innovative app developed under the direction of John Bernot, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Bravado Health.


Implement best practices.

Ayva automates communication between clinicians, case managers and patients; while encouraging best practices for both pre-op preparedness and post-op recovery. Ayva serves as an assistant for clinicians and case managers, and a coach for patients.

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Lower costs.

92% of patients engage with Ayva, helping lower your total cost of care.

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Clinician experience and staff efficiency

Ayva automates patient communications, triages cases in real-time to help care teams prioritize their workload, and notifies care teams when patients are “at‑risk”.

Lower the total cost of care

Ayva reduces readmissions and automates manual processes to reduce unnecessary costs.

Enhance outcomes

Ayva excels in value-based care models by improving quality of care; shortening recovery time, and incorporating your enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol.