Ayva Treat

E‑prescribe. No EHR required.

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Send secure electronic prescriptions.


E‑prescribe securely. Anytime. Anywhere.

With the power of Ayva Treat, it’s never been easier to write, authorize, track, and send secure electronic prescriptions. Ayva Treat offers the perfect environment to quickly and intuitively create electronic prescriptions. The right tools are in the right places, making it easy to add patients, select drugs, and sign prescriptions. And everyone in your practice has access to the same powerful features.

Focus on healing.


Keep your focus on healing.

Ayva Treat’s intuitive workflow makes electronic prescribing an asset instead of a distraction. A streamlined design is informed by a sharpened focus on efficiency when writing prescriptions. Your most frequently prescribed medications can be saved as favorites, accessible when and where you need them.

Clinical decision support.


Built‑in clinical decision support.

Ayva Treat includes built‑in clinical decision support for the entire drug library. Each prescription is automatically checked for drug‑drug, drug‑allergy, and duplicate therapy contraindications. Ayva Treat’s Smart Alert system delivers meaningful alerts at the appropriate times.

Up and running.

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Get up and running. Instantly.

Ayva Treat is accessible from any web browser as a standalone e‑prescribing app. Improve your patient’s experience and meet state mandates for electronic prescribing without having to adopt clunky EHR software. Sign up and start sending e‑prescriptions today.

Promote your practice.

When you sign up for Ayva Treat you can use Treat badges to effectively promote your use of electronic prescribing in your marketing communications.

Certified for your protection.

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