Ayva Ortho

Orthopedic Perioperative Case Management

The ultimate tool for orthopedic surgeons and case managers.

The Quadruple Aim

How does Ayva Ortho meet the Quadruple Aim?

Improved Patient Experience

Ayva Ortho transforms the complex surgical journey into a simple plan that patients can follow, educates patients with content that’s easy to understand, and delights patients with an outstanding healthcare experience.

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Better Outcomes

Ayva Ortho excels in value-based care models by improving quality of care; shortens recovery time, and incorporates your enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol.

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Improved Clinician Experience

Ayva Ortho automates patient communications, triages cases in real-time to help care teams prioritize their workload, and notifies care teams when patients are “at‑risk”.

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Lower Costs

Ayva Ortho reduces 90-day admissions/readmissions and lowers the total cost of care.

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