Marketing Resources

We believe that powerful marketing will help bring continued success for your practice. Use Treat badges and these promotional guidelines to effectively promote your use of electronic prescribing in your marketing communications.

Treat Badges

Include Treat badges in all digital and printed marketing materials as a clear indication that you prescribe electronically. Versions are available for online and offline marketing materials in different variations.

Treat Badge Download

Preferred Badges

Use the preferred white badge in all marketing communications promoting your use of electronic prescribing. The black border surrounding the white badge is part of the badge artwork and should not be modified.

Alternative Badges

The alternative black badge is designed to give you greater versatility. The gray border surrounding the black badge is part of the badge artwork and should not be modified. The alternative badge is suitable when it complements the colors used in the layout.

Badge Use

Use one Treat badge per layout or video. Place the badge in a subordinate position to the image or main message so that it isn’t the dominant artwork. Don’t modify, angle, or animate the Treat badge.

Use only the badge artwork provided in these guidelines. Don’t use icons, logos, graphics, or images from to promote your use of electronic prescribing. Don’t use the standalone Ayva logo or Bravado Health logo.


Subtitle or Tagline



Graphic Standards

Minimum clear space is equal to one-quarter the height of the badge. Don’t place photos, typography, or other graphic elements inside the minimum clear space.

Minimum badge height is 12mm for use in printed materials and 54px for use onscreen. Select a size that is clearly legible but not dominant in the layout.

12mm. 54px

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