Less trips to the pharmacy.

E‑prescriptions are sent directly to your pharmacy. You pick them up when you’re ready.

E‑prescriptions are faster.

E‑prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy before you leave your doctor’s office so you don’t have to drop them off. They’re also easier to read. The pharmacist can fill your prescription faster when they don’t have to call your doctor to clarify what was written.

Electronic Prescriptions

Paper Prescriptions

96% of pharmacies accept e‑prescriptions.

Your local pharmacy is probably enabled for electronic prescriptions.

Find e‑prescribing pharmacies

Good for you.
Good for the planet.

E‑prescribing is a win for you and the environment. If every prescription in the U.S. was sent electronically we could save 126,000 trees each year. And that’s no pulp fiction.