Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan should I choose if I need to prescribe controlled substances?

If you need to send electronic prescriptions for controlled substances, select the Treat EPCS plan when checking out. Treat EPCS includes the same features as Treat ERX, plus the ability to e-prescribe controlled substances.

Can I share a Treat subscription with another prescriber?

No. Each individual prescriber must have their own Treat subscription to send prescriptions electronically. Your license and credentials are attached to each electronic prescription you send. Sending electronic prescriptions under someone else’s license is considered fraud.

Do I need to purchase licenses for administrative staff?

Administrators and other non-prescribing staff can be added to your account without buying more licenses. At least one ERX or EPCS license must be purchased to create an account. There’s no limit to the number of administrators you can have.

Can I import my patients?

Yes, you can import patient records using the Patient Import tool. Learn more about the Patient Import tool and download the template from Bravado Health Support.