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Designed for hospitals and the emergency department.

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Improve quality of life.

E‑prescribing enables prescribers to electronically send accurate, legible and error‑free prescriptions directly to pharmacies from the point‑of‑care. It’s also an important tool in the effort to improve quality of care for everyone.


The smartest and safest way to prescribe.

ScriptRx allows you to prescribe non‑controlled and controlled substances all from a simple, intuitive workflow. And because ScriptRx is familiar and easy to use, you can write digital prescriptions in record time.

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Increase adherence.

E‑prescribing has been linked to a significant increase in first‑fill medication adherence, leading to health care savings and improved outcomes. A 2012 study by SureScripts showed that e‑prescribing increases first‑fill adherence by 10 percent.

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It’s easier than you think.

Use your current password.

Write electronic prescriptions with your current system password. Free yourself from the burden of memorizing another difficult password.

The power is in your hands.

Authorize controlled substance prescriptions with your fingerprint and network password. You don’t have to clutter your personal device or carry a separate token which is easily lost.

Your account is always secure.

Your password and fingerprint credentials are encrypted and stored securely on a local server. This guarantees no one will ever be able to access your secure information.

It’s good for patients and providers.

Safer for patients.

The ambulatory care setting is the most common place for prescribing errors to occur. E‑prescribing eliminates handwriting and legibility errors, reducing the chance of a potential harmful medication error.

Easier for patients.

The last thing a patient wants to do after being discharged from the emergency department is go to the pharmacy to drop‑off and wait for a prescription. Patients will thank you for saving them the extra trip.

Comply with federal and state mandates.

Attest for Meaningful Use with ScriptRx e‑prescribing. ScriptRx is also fully certified and approved for use in states where e‑prescribing is mandated.

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