SaaS Service Level Agreement

Updated October 6, 2021

You must provide our personnel with all such cooperation and assistance as they may reasonably request, or otherwise may reasonably be required, to enable us to perform under this service level agreement (SLA), including reasonable access to your systems and, if our personnel will be onsite, a safe and adequate working environment.

Customer Support

We will provide you with customer support as set forth in the Order Form during our normal business hours except during any circumstances beyond our reasonable control or scheduled or unscheduled emergency maintenance. Any customer support provided to you is our standard customer support, and additional customer support beyond our standard customer support will be provided only pursuant to a mutually agreed upon amendment to an Order Form or a separate Order Form. Any such other customer support will be billed at our then-current, times and materials commercial rates.

Platform Interruptions

You may report issues or outages by contacting Bravado Health Support.


We target a 99.9% platform uptime, calculated monthly (the “Uptime Target”). Uptime Target excludes all delays, disruptions, suspensions, or otherwise adverse effects to the platform caused by a Service Exemption (as defined below).

Maintenance Events

From time to time, We or our hosting provider may perform repairs, replacements, upgrades, updates, patches, fixes, or other maintenance which may delay, disrupt, suspend, or otherwise affect availability of the Platform (each a “Maintenance Event”). We will use commercially reasonable efforts to attempt to minimize the impact of Maintenance Events but will have sole discretion in determining the need for, and scope of, any Maintenance Event.

Service Exemptions

A “Service Exemption” is deemed to occur when unavailability, delay, disruption, or downtime to the Platform is directly or indirectly caused by:

  • A scheduled or planned Maintenance Event;
  • Factors outside of our reasonable control;
  • Use of the Platform in violation of the Agreement;
  • Force Majeure Events, including without limitation, acts of war, acts of God, natural disaster, pandemic, health crisis, government act, utility outages, denial of service attacks, failure of communication lines and/or the Internet, and the occurrence of vulnerabilities or exploits which could not have been avoided with commercially reasonable care;
  • Your Systems;
  • Third Party Service or equipment (including software or technology) malfunctions;
  • Combination, operation, or use of the Platform in or with any technology (including any software, hardware, firmware, system, or network) or service not provided by us;
  • Your or any third party’s negligence, abuse, misapplication, misuse, or manipulation of or damage to the Platform (including the Technology) or any of your Materials or your Systems in any respect; or
  • use of older versions of web browsers or operating systems or platforms.