Press Release September 29, 2020 David Rossi

Better Life Partners taps Bravado Health to help curb community’s opioid crisis

Bravado Health recently announced a partnership with Better Life Partners to help achieve their goal of helping vulnerable populations achieve healthier lives.

Better Life Partners was created to help those with opioid use disorder (OUD) achieve lasting and meaningful recoveries. While COVID-19 has dominated the headlines for the past several months, it is important to remember that there is a very real and powerful opioid epidemic in this country as well. This crisis has worsened in recent years and projections indicate these drugs could kill more than half a million Americans in the next decade.

Although help is available, many suffering from OUD lack access to high-quality health care. Better Life Partners helps these individuals by offering a treatment program that combines the best evidence-based practices with a hyper-local, community-based delivery model. This approach, which can include prescription medications such as Suboxone™, not only improves the likelihood of recovery while reducing the risk of overdose, it also lowers medical costs.

While Better Life Partners has made tremendous strides to help their patients, their leadership understands that you can never have too many resources. This prompted Christian Del’Aune, Chief Technology Officer at Better Life Partners, to join forces with Bravado Health, a South Florida-based technology company that creates innovative solutions for improving health care and lowering costs.

“By partnering with organizations such as Bravado Health, we are able to provide customized experiences for all in need and develop dynamic individualized care plans to help them achieve better lives,” said Del’Aune. “This allows us to reach people within the community when they need us most.”

Integrating Bravado Health’s e-prescribing with the Treat API enables Better Life Partners’ medical providers to provide medications quicker, more efficiently and more affordably than ever before; all of which are important when developing effective custom recovery plans. Access to the Treat API can be requested through Bravado Health’s website.

“Better Life Partners has established a number of outreach programs within the community and they make such a tremendous impact,” said Mike Hensler, COO of Bravado Health. “We are interested any time there is an opportunity to improve or save lives, and we are excited to be doing that right here in our community. We’re certainly proud to be a part of it.”

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