Photo of Kevin Sun

Kevin Sun

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Sun is Bravado Health's chief technology officer.

Prior to joining Bravado Health, Kevin was a managing director at BlackRock. BlackRock acquired Cachematrix in 2017, where Kevin was a co-founder and served as CTO. Kevin has also served as a technology leader and software architect at USWest, E*Trade, and the United States Department of Labor.

Kevin developed mission-critical systems that were key to the rollout of broadband internet and online trading in the late 90s. He is an inventor with multiple patents, including the smart water bottle and connected health tracking devices for senior care.

Kevin is passionate about food security and soil health. He is involved with initiatives that help ranchers and farmers adopt regenerative agriculture practices.

Kevin received his Masters of Science in computer science from the University of Texas and his Bachelors of Science in computer science from Zhejiang University, China.