Extend the functionality of your EHR.

Extend the reach of your EHR with more engaging functionality. Integration allows data to be shared between your EHR and Ayva. Create a more holistic view of the patient’s health by aggregating patient-generated data with their health record.

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Integration Workflow

Enroll patients in Ayva.

Patients are identified by outbound PatientAdmin messages from the health system upon discharge. The EHR triggers messages, most likely via an ADT HL7v2 interface. Ayva receives this information via the PatientAdmin data model.

Send a clinical summary.

After receiving the PatientAdmin message indicating the patient has been admitted, Ayva queries the health system EHR for the patient’s full ClinicalSummary OR the Health System pushes the patient’s most recent C-CDA, which Ayva receives via the ClinicalSummary data model.

Observe the results.

Ayva posts an updated Clinical Summary to the health system upon completion of the encounter, which reflects any new home medications prescribed to the patient. We map to a C-CDA document and push into the EHR. The information is shown in the patient’s chart in a reconciliation activity for a clinical user to add to the full list of medications, allergies or problems.

Additionally, Ayva posts a Media message to the health system. This message contains a PDF report of the patient’s encounter in Ayva. The message is translated most likely to an MDM HL7v2 interface and filed into the EHR.

Project Timeline

Network Analyst

1-2 hours

  • Provide connectivity and message specifications
  • Set up and validate connectivity

Interface Analyst

2-4 hours

Prepare to test
  • Configure test systems to send and receive messages
  • Send sample messages
Functional testing
  • Validate in-scope messages can be sent and received
  • Trigger and review test messages

EHR Analyst

3-5 hours

End-to-end testing
  • Validate workflow between Ayva and health system
  • Turn on real-time test feeds
  • Run testing scenarios with Ayva

Interface & EHR Analyst

4 hours

Soft go-live
  • Configure production systems to send and receive messages
  • Monitor connection health and traffic
  • Support end users

Health System Staffing Needs

Network Analyst

The network analyst has the ability to provision access to the EHR via VPN establishment, certificate exchange, and/or granting approval for the EHR vendor.

Interface Analyst

The interface analyst knows how to send and receive the required data needed for the integration project; this may be someone from the EHR vendor.

EHR Analyst

The EHR analyst knows how to do the workflows that trigger message exchange and can validate that information sent back is filing correctly; this may be the same person as the Interface Analyst.

Project Lead

The project lead is responsible for ensuring the project is successful. This may be the same person as the Interface Analyst or EHR Analyst.

Subject Matter Expert

A subject matter expert represents the end user by providing deep knowledge of current workflows, needs, and expectations of the application; this may be the same person as the Interface Analyst, EHR Analyst, or Project Lead.