Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell my patients about Ayva?

Once accepted into the Ayva Pilot Program, you will have access to Bravado Health’s marketing and communications guidelines. The guidelines include supporting image and logo assets that will help you promote your organization’s participation in the Ayva Pilot Program to your patients and employees. Bravado Health will also train your staff on how to explain Ayva to patients.

Does Ayva integrate with my EHR?

Yes, Ayva can connect with your EHR. A single EHR connection is included with your subscription. Learn more about EHR integration.

Does my IT staff need to be involved?

If you’re using Ayva independently, you don’t need to dedicate IT resources to the project. If you want to connect Ayva with your EHR, we will need to work with your IT department to set up and test the connection. Learn more about health system staffing needs for an integration project.