Patients enroll with Ayva on their mobile device.

Ayva makes it easier for patients to access and use their health information in a meaningful way. By using timing and context to get their attention, Ayva is able to engage more patients than traditional methods. Once enrolled, patients are encouraged to try Ayva’s tools for recovery and earn rewards for completing healthy behaviors.

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Invite patients via text message.

Verify their date of birth.

Secure their account.

Patients use Ayva and discover the benefits.

Once enrolled, it’s important to give patients the right tools achieve better health. Ayva puts all of these tools in one place.


Patients pay less for medications with discounts through Ayva.


Medications, devices, and other health products can be delivered to the patient’s door.


Patients can easily arrange rides to and from medical appointments.


In some cases a more affordable substitute medication can be prescribed.