Full Stack Software Developer

Tampa, FL

About The Position

Posted: Sep 14, 2021
Weekly Hours: Full-time

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer to be a key member of the engineering team and build our healthcare platform focused on improving patient clinical outcomes and experience while reducing cost and increasing efficiency for health systems.

About Bravado Health

Transform the way healthcare is delivered. Make a real difference every day.

Bravado Health believes the software used in healthcare should be as good as any other industry. With every new feature we design our goal is to remove obstacles to better care, empowering patients and providers alike.

Mission: Bravado Health’s mission is to ensure every patient and provider has an optimal outcome and experience with every encounter.

Vision: Bravado Health is transforming the patient experience through innovative applications of new technology.

Values: At Bravado Health we encourage innovation and collaboration by creating an atmosphere that nourishes creativity and facilitates communication.


As a full stack engineer you will be a member of a high performing team that solves real world problems that affect all of us and in turn make a huge impact in the healthcare space. You will work to build a healthcare platform curated for each person via massive amounts of consumer demographic, clinical, socio-economic data, and run through complex rules to deliver targeted healthcare solutions, at scale. If you passionate about creating delightful cross platform (mobile & web), distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant systems with rapid Build-Measure-Learn cycles, we would love to talk to you.

Collaborate with product and other business teams to break features down to stories and iteratively use technology to deliver value to end customers

Participate in technology discussions including pros/cons of approaches to solve business and technical problems and continuously improve our technical proficiency & efficiency

Actively pair-program with other team members; participate in code reviews, documentation

Responsible for code quality and proliferate best practices across the development team through code reviews and testing

Takes initiative to identify and proactively tackle important problems like technical debt and coordinates with others on cross-cutting technical issues.

Take ownership of the results - You are interested in using analytics to derive insights through software

Understands and evangelizes our development philosophies:

Distributed Systems, SaaS

Domain Driven Design

Event-Based Architecture

Instrumentation to log data for all types of insights

Code maintainability, SOLID Principles

Discuss and learn from failure


Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or related field

You are able to manage your own time and are hungry to contribute and learn

Familiarity with Agile methodologies in a rapid iteration environment

3+ years overall experience, including several areas below, a lot of which make up our overall tech stack:

ReactJS, React Native, Jest, Enzyme, Detox

Postgres, Redis & Elastic


Micro-services architecture Node & Go

Search & Analytics with Elastic, D3, Tableau, ELK, Metabase

AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, API & sFTP Gateways, RDS, Glue, Textract)

Messaging (SQS, Twilio, RabbitMQ, NSQ)

Integration/ETL frameworks, oAuth, FHIR/HL7, Glue

Rule Systems (Drools, InRule)

Continuous Delivery for web & mobile (CloudFormation / Terraform / CodePush)

Containers (Docker) & orchestration

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