Adverse Impact Score

The ultimate early warning system.

Ayva calculates an Adverse Impact Score for each patient, allowing providers to quickly determine who is most likely to need additional intervention.

Predictive. Proactive.

Unlike other scoring methodologies which rely solely on retrospective data, the Adverse Impact Score incorporates prospective data by analyzing the patient’s behavior and assessing their condition post-visit. Assessments and behavior data are paired with medical and social determinants to provide a comprehensive view of the patient’s health beyond the point of care.

The full picture.

The Adverse Impact Score aggregates information from your EHR, national indices, biometric sensors, and patient interactions to create a holistic view of the patient’s health after they leave your care.


Real-time assessments include data collected from remote monitoring devices and patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs).


Behavior is tracked through patient interactions. Examples include medications taken and conditional activities completed.


Medical risk data such as a LACE score helps form a baseline view of the patient.


Social and environmental factors are established using patient demographic data.