20 Years of Healing Through Innovation

Founded by physicians and engineers two decades ago, Bravado Health is a nationally recognized leader in clinical applications and services. Today we carry on our tradition of innovation and continue to invest in the latest technology—because we believe the modern healthcare professional should have the right tools to provide care with the best possible outcomes and highest level of patient satisfaction.

Our Mission

Bravado Health’s mission is to ensure every patient and clinician has an optimal experience and outcome.

Our Vision

Bravado Health is revolutionizing clinical care coordination and discharge planning by bridging the gap between patients and clinicians with innovative technology and services.

Our Values

We encourage a culture of innovation and collaboration, building an atmosphere that nourishes creativity and facilitates communication. Our top values are as follows:

  1. Teamwork & Collaboration
  2. Open & Honest Communication
  3. Enthusiasm & Positivity
  4. Dedication & Commitment
  5. Innovation & Creativity
  6. Integrity & Respect
  7. Altruism & Philanthropy
  8. Accountability & Self-Discipline

Our Pillars


Building a team of passionate people who care for one another and our clients.


Developing a culture that drives our decisions based upon our vision and values.


Improving complex clinical processes through innovative technology applications.


Connecting patients and providers through improved processes that deliver better outcomes.


Educating the community on the benefits of patient engagement and improving health outcomes.


Investing in technology that create solutions for clinicians and improves patient’s experience.

Our Culture

Bravado Health believes that outstanding service for our clients begins with outstanding support for our staff. We start by hiring smart, passionate, upbeat individuals who possess strong values, including collaboration, commitment, and integrity. We bring everyone together in a fun, inspirational and passionate work environment that encourages teamwork and communication. We work hard at Bravado Health, and we have a lot of fun in the process. Our corporate office is located in West Palm Beach, Florida!

Our Team

Clinical Advisory Board

Leslie Wainwright, PhD

Leslie Wainwright, PhD

Chief Strategy Officer, AVIA

T. Al West, MD, MPH

T. Al West, MD, MPH

Trauma Surgeon, EmCare Acute Care Surgery

Robert Baratta, MD

Robert O. Baratta, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Ascent Surgical Partners

Jeff Holland

Jeff Holland

Former Hospital CEO, Hospital Corporation of America

Shane Foreman

Shane Foreman

Founder and CEO, 3d Health

Leadership Profiles

David Dietze

David Dietze

President and CEO

David Turner

David Turner

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Gary Barton

Gary Barton

Chief Software Architect

Sherry Dillon

Sherry Dillon, RN, CPHRM

Vice President of Product Management

Ian Wesley

Ian Wesley

Vice President of Product Development

Susan Pasley

Susan Pasley

Vice President of Nursing

Jon Miragliotta

Jon Miragliotta

Vice President of Client Engagement

Shane Andreasen

Shane Andreasen

Director of Marketing

Let’s Work Together!


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We are currently seeking talented individuals to join our growing organization. Contact us for more info.

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