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Simplifying administrative tasks for improved health outcomes and enhanced provider experience

Learn how to reduce the administrative burden of non-clinical tasks.

Simplifying administrative tasks for enhanced provider experience

Simplification can have multiple meanings across healthcare. While medical treatments and care plans will never be simple, streamlining the administrative process can benefit both patients and providers. 

Rather than reduce it, the widespread adoption of EHRs has increased the administrative burden and paperwork1 on providers and care teams, contributing to higher rates of physician and staff burnout

However, it’s not all bad news when it comes to technology—health tech solutions can also be used to streamline administrative tasks and increase operational efficiencies. Let’s explore the ways.

Simplification is a business imperative

Many providers take pride in managing the nuances of complex care. After all, treating patients is one of the primary reasons they went into medicine in the first place. While they recognize the value of patient data, the current way it’s collected and managed is cumbersome. 

According to JAMA, the US healthcare system spent $950 billion on non-clinical administrative functions in 20192. In other words, health systems and physician practices allocate significant time and financial resources to collecting data, following up with patients, and managing other repetitive non-clinical tasks. 

Bridging the gap to simplify the process for providers and care teams while ensuring essential administrative work gets done is a business imperative. 

Strategies to bridge the gap

Reducing the administrative burden on providers and care teams can have many positive benefits, including allowing them to see more patients. 

Here are three ways to employ technology to simplify administrative tasks: 

  1. Make data consumable and accessible. One way to simplify the process is to gather data in a consumable format. Patient data is time-sensitive, and providers need it at the right time to make better decisions that drive better outcomes. Having data accessible via the EHR and in a consumable format across the care journey will allow for easier creation of treatment plans and less time looking for information. 
  2. Lessen the effort needed to input data. Providers should not shoulder the burden alone. A dynamic patient engagement platform like Ayva enables individuals to share critical data with providers, including SDOH and other relevant events outside the traditional care setting. This reduces data entry work before, during, and after a patient visit and makes critical information available that can improve care plans and outcomes. 
  3. Automate repetitive tasks. Computers don’t mess up protocols and can help eliminate human errors. Automating non-clinical repetitive tasks such as sharing pre- and post-op care plans, answering routine questions, and confirming appointments increase patient task adherence and reduce the administrative burden on care teams.

Provider experience matters 

Achieving the healthcare quadruple aim requires organizations to address what often gets overlooked, the clinician experience. In this era of big data, accessible and reliable data is also a job requirement for providers. 

Leveraging the right technology to simplify essential non-clinical tasks has the potential to reduce staff burnout. Less burnout means increased productivity and the possibility of better health outcomes for patients. 

Simplify the care journey with Ayva 

Among the best ways to simplify healthcare is to automate non-clinical tasks throughout the patient’s care journey, thus reducing the administrative burden that can lead to physician and staff burnout. 

Ayva is a one-stop technology platform for improving patient-provider communication while advancing operational efficiencies and the provider experience.

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