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3 conference takeaways: Activating patient data across the care journey

Here are three takeaways from leading health tech conferences, including Greenway ENGAGE, HIMSS22, and AAOS22.

Bravado conferences and events Spring 2022

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This spring, the Bravado Health team was on a whirlwind tour introducing Ayva to:

  • Greenway Health EHR users at ENGAGE22
  • Healthcare IT leaders at HIMSS22
  • Orthopaedic surgeons and case managers at AAOS22

While there was nothing earth-shattering afoot this year, the incremental shifts in health IT adoption and demand were a welcome change after the COVID pandemic years.

Here are my three observations from attending events in the first quarter of the year.

1. Maturity of digital health adoption and use

Talk about a breath of fresh air. 

In years past, when introducing a digital health solution, many clinicians and case managers would stop the conversation before it even started by declaring their patient populations do not use smartphones or that they did not have the infrastructure in place to meet compliance requirements—not so this year!

This year, it appeared from our interactions with conference attendees that technology adoption, even among senior populations, is no longer seen as a barrier to purchasing digital health solutions. 

Further, upon explaining that Ayva takes the stack of paper a clinician would typically give to a patient before a surgical or non-surgical procedure and make it available mobile-first, the concept was immediately understood. People already understood that doing so had the potential to increase patient engagement and improve health outcomes. 

This opened the door for us to discuss the implementation and use of Ayva in real-world clinical settings instead of having to convince people to buy into the bigger concept of digital health.

2. Demand for practical applications of health IT

This leads to the second takeaway: healthcare providers are hungry for practical applications of health IT.

While certainly there’s a time and a place to discuss the more academic problem-solving side of the industry, the ‘scrubs on the ground’ are ready to see the promise of digital health realized among their patient populations. 

Deploying a proof of concept is one easy way to test run a digital health solution before implementing it across your organization

3. Interoperability of data captured outside the EHR

Probably the most challenging of the ideas I encountered this year is management of patient data collected outside of the EHR.

Your EHR’s patient engagement module is only tracking a single moment in time even though it’s the complete care journey that influences outcomes. Apps, wearables, medical devices, and the Internet of Things (IOT) are all capturing patient data, but it’s still challenging to integrate and make sense of that data within the EHR. 

As discussions converge around interoperability, the implementation of TEFCA, and the problems of information blocking, I suspect this debate about sharing data collected outside the EHR will stick around for quite a few years.  

Why Ayva?

A dynamic patient engagement platform like Ayva has the ability to collect social determinants of health (SDOH) factors and record patient-reported behavior (such as when they stopped taking their medication prior to a procedure) and make it available via the EHR with simple workflows.

Explore how your organization can increase patient engagement for every care journey.

Meet Ayva today!


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