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Can you hear me now? 7 patient-provider communication roadblocks and how to avoid them

Resolve these common challenges to effective patient-provider communication.

Effective patient-provider communication is essential to the delivery of high-quality healthcare. Good communication facilitates the comprehension of critical information and increases task adherence, while poor communication can lead to high rates of patient dissatisfaction and poor outcomes.1

Here are 7 barriers to patient-provider communication and how to resolve them: 

1. Patients have low health literacy

Potential outcome: Higher risk of developing infections after surgery2

Solution: Provide how-to videos or pictures that show patients what to do

2. Patients experience information overload

Potential outcome: Low task adherence that leads to an increase in same-day surgical cancellations

Solution: Deliver time-sensitive information at the right time 

3. Patients don’t a from unknown numbers

Potential outcome: More likely to miss critical instructions

Solution: Send secure text messages

4. Patient portal adoption is low

Potential outcome: Further reduces the likelihood that care plans have been reviewed  

Solution: Offer a user experience on a platform patients want to use

5. Providers send generic educational information

Potential outcomes: Adds to the misconception that providers don’t understand their patients

Solution: Make customized care plans available 

6. Providers send one-way communications

Potential outcomes: Leaves patients with unanswered questions and no way to resolve them

Solution: Connect patients with the care team and educational resources to answer questions

7. Providers lack a process for managing informed consent

Potential outcome: Erodes trust as patients don’t necessarily understand what they’re being asked to sign3
Solution: Share educational material with patients throughout the healthcare journey

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