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The quickest way to alleviate staffing shortages can also reduce same-day surgery cancellations

Here are four actionable tips to quickly mitigate the impact of staffing shortages and avoid more same-day surgery cancellations.

Alleviate the burden of staffing shortages quickly with Ayva

It seems like everywhere you go these days, there are signs that businesses are short-staffed.

For physician practices and ASCs, the staffing shortage can be especially challenging. As smaller organizations, they must compete with larger ones that offer better benefits packages and more resources to recruit and retain from the same shrinking pool of qualified candidates.1

Further, rising COVID infections coupled with staffing shortages have led Massachusettsand other states to call on providers to cancel or delay elective surgeries. 

All signs point to this reality﹣the opportunity to grow revenue is tighter than ever for specialty practices and ASCs. 

Read on for four actionable ways to mitigate the impact of staffing shortages on your bottom line and same-day cancellations. 

The impact of staffing shortages and same-day cancellations

When the work is plentiful and bodies are few, healthcare organizations must prioritize required activities. This means care teams have less time and resources to optimize and monitor patient activity before and after surgical procedures. 

In addition, patients may experience longer than usual wait times to schedule a procedure and time with the care team is limited. 

This is a recipe for financial disaster that can lead to an increase in same-day cancellations that further erodes revenue.

4 actionable tips to mitigate the impact of staffing shortages

Here are four ideas your practice or ASC can implement to mitigate the impact of staffing shortages. 

  1. Automate repetitive tasks. Technology that enables patients to check-in online for procedures, schedule follow-up appointments, and review pre- and post-op care plans from their phone frees your staff up for more critical tasks. 
  2. Provide patient education resources that reduce questions. Sending patients educational information, including how-to videos, gives them the information and confidence they need to follow your care plan, thus reducing follow-up questions to your already busy staff. 
  3. Collect pre- and post-op task adherence data. Self-reported patient information is the most efficient way to determine if patients are following the doctor’s orders, or if an intervention may be necessary. 
  4. Focus on the patients who need additional help. Knowing which patients are following their pre- and post-op care plans enables staff already strapped for time to prioritize at-risk patients

Alleviate the burden of staffing shortages quickly with Ayva

With no end to the healthcare staffing shortage in sight, mitigating its effect is mission-critical for physician practices and ASCs.

Get to know Ayva, a personal surgery guide that uses technology to support patients before and after surgery while streamlining communication with the care team.

Your practice or ASC can introduce Ayva to your patients within weeks and start sharing custom care plans and resources with them quickly and efficiently. 

Learn how Ayva can support the financial health of your organization, even amid unprecedented staffing shortages.

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