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7 trends in orthopaedics to plan for in 2022

Here are 7 trends in orthopaedics that physician practices and surgery centers need to plan for in 2022.

Is your orthopaedic practice or surgery center ready for these 2022 trends?

  1. 2.7% decrease in reimbursements. 

Policy changes combined with the 2022 physician fee schedule results in a 2.7% total decrease in allowable charges for orthopaedic surgery.1

  1. Continued migration to outpatient ASCs in cost savings effort. 

The migration of surgical procedures from an in-patient hospital stay to an out-patient ASC setting is expected to reduce the cost of common procedures by 59%.2 

  1. Rise of supergroups with 50+ physicians. 

Nearly 70% of providers are employed in a group setting with 17.2% of physicians belonging to supergroups with 50+ providers.3 

  1. Use of remote patient monitoring (RPM) to support patients outside the clinical setting. 

71% of patients using RPM reported feeling more connected to their care team.4  

  1. Rapid advances in robotics and minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

Over the next ten years, the global surgical robotics industry has an expected compound annual growth rate of 10.2%.5 

  1. More patients active in selecting a surgeon. 

As patients take on a higher percentage of the cost of care, they’ve started to consider up to 19 factors to inform their choice of surgeon, including reputation, appointment availability, and recommendations from friends and family.6

  1. $1.8 Trillion in private equity investment available. 

Approximately $1.8 trillion in private equity capital is ready to be deployed in healthcare, with a large percentage expected to be available to orthopaedic practices due to supply and demand.7 

What’s ahead in 2022?

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