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5 ways your EHR’s patient engagement module is failing you and your patients

Relying on your EHR’s patient engagement module to increase patient activation? Here are 5 ways patient engagement modules fall short.

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Finding meaningful ways to engage and connect with patients is critical to meeting the healthcare quadruple aim.

Increasing patient activation, a quantifiable measure that falls under the broader area of patient engagement, has been found to have many positive outcomes, including the ability to control the rising costs of healthcare.

Patients with low activation scores and limited levels of engagement:

  • Incur healthcare costs that range from 8–21% higher.1
  • Have an increased risk of complications that result in a 2x higher rate of healthcare utilization within 30-days of discharge.2
  • Experience lower quality of life during the recovery period, including increased reports of pain, discomfort, anxiety, and depression.2

To realize the benefits that may result from increased patient activation, it’s critical to find a solution that gives your care team the information they need to help patients thrive before and after surgical procedures. 

Many physician practices and surgery centers utilize the off-the-shelf patient engagement module that comes with their EHR simply because it’s convenient — not because it fits the needs of their patients or the goals of their organization.

If your goals include helping patients achieve better health outcomes while your practice or ASC realizes increased revenue margins, finding a patient engagement solution that meets the needs of your patient population is a must.

Shortcomings of EHR patient engagement modules

Your primary interaction with digital patient engagement tools is most likely with modules or apps included with your practice or surgery center’s EHR or practice management system. 

Using this model, patients interact with their health information via an online patient portal. However, in 2020, only 39.5% of adults accessed their medical records through an online patient portal.3

Simply put: relying on the patient engagement module of your EHR can be limiting.

Here are five ways EHR patient engagement modules are falling short: 

  1. Tracks a single point in time instead of the holistic patient journey.
  2. Accrues data only for those activities within the healthcare system and misses the social determinants of health and what happens in the home. 
  3. Lacks the personalization and customization features that enable physicians to tailor care plans to meet the unique needs of patients. 
  4. Limits the care team’s ability to collect task adherence and other critical data points that aren’t part of the standard EHR fields. 
  5. Focuses on driving users to the patient portal to access medical records instead of serving as an educational resource for current and future care.
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Meet Ayva

Ayva is a personal surgery guide that has the potential to increase patient activation and meet the needs of your patient population in all the ways your EHR’s patient engagement module cannot. Here’s how: 

  • Delivers on the promise of activation with an average daily engagement rate of 86%.4
  • Provides progress tracking to monitor patient behavior and task adherence throughout the surgical journey.
  • Asks patients questions that will help identify potential risk factors in the home and recovery environment that may impact health outcomes.
  • Offers the option to brand and customize educational materials and care plans based on the health literacy level of the patient. 
  • Has the ability to share patient-reported data with the EHR.
  • Serves as an educational and motivational resource for patients 24/7/365.

When it comes to increasing patient activation, off-the-shelf patient engagement modules embedded in your EHR are no match for Ayva.

Are you ready to meet Ayva?

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