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Checklist: 7 ways to prepare for commercial bundles

Make sure your practice or surgery center is ready to participate in bundled payment programs initiated by private health insurers and payers.

Bravado commercial bundles

As the transition from fee-to-service to value-based care evolves, payer-driven initiatives show great promise in reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes.

While bundled payment programs were initiated by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and most are administered at the federal or state level, private health insurers and payers manage commercial bundles. 

With more programs released every year, payers offer numerous condition-specific bundled payment opportunities for various procedures, including knee and hip replacement surgery

Practices and surgery centers seeking new ways to increase revenue can’t afford to overlook the potential profits that may result from participating in bundled payment programs managed by top insurers. 

Is your team ready to participate in and maximize potential revenue from commercial bundles?

7 actions to boost commercial bundle preparedness

Even if you participate in the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI-A) program, your team isn’t necessarily ready for commercial bundles.

Aligning with payers, prioritizing data collection, and implementing risk mitigation strategies are essential to successful participation in commercial bundled payment programs.1

Here are seven ways to prepare your practice or surgery center to participate in commercial bundled payment programs:

  1. Educate your care team and staff about commercial bundle opportunities. 
  2. Secure relationships with vendors who understand the breadth of alternative payment models, including commercial bundles.
  3. Adopt technology to optimize patient behavior prior to a surgical procedure.
  4. Collect and analyze behavioral and task adherence data before and after surgery. 
  5. Research and provide interventions for the chronic conditions, risk factors, and other social determinants of health (SDOH) impacting your patient population. 
  6. Establish and maintain relationships with post-acute care and wellness options in your community. 
  7. Hire a trusted advisor or consultant to support your value-based care and payer initiatives. 

Maximize commercial bundle opportunities for increased revenue

With so many alternative payment models available, it can be difficult to determine which value-based care program is right for your organization.

A great first step is to review the condition-specific commercial bundles offered by the insurers who cover your patient population to see where there is alignment. 

Further, adopting the right digital health tool can help your patients increase pre- and post-op task adherence and enable them to report behavior and outcomes accurately. 

Learn how Ayva can support your participation in commercial bundled payment programs and increase revenue for your practice or surgery center. 

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