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Achieving the Quadruple Aim with incremental innovation in perioperative communications

Learn how incremental innovation in patient-provider communication before and after a surgical procedure can help achieve the Quadruple Aim.

Achieving the Quadruple Aim with incremental innovation

Orthopaedic surgeons and their care teams shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of improving healthcare delivery and outcomes on their own.

In recognition of the increasing pressure on providers to demonstrate better health outcomes, improve the patient experience, and lower costs, the Triple Aim concept was expanded to include the clinician experience.1

The fourth dimension of the directive – now known as the Quadruple Aim – strives to help providers avoid burnout as the U.S. healthcare system undertakes major changes. 

Enter the idea of incremental innovation in perioperative patient-provider communications. 

Following, you will learn:

  • What incremental innovation is and how it relates to perioperative communications
  • How incremental innovation positively impacts the four pillars of the Quadruple Aim
  • Why providers should adopt a new approach to patient-provider communication during the surgical journey

Incremental innovation in pre- and post-op communication 

Incremental innovation is the implementation of a series of small or minor improvements to products or services that aid in differentiating your organization from the competition. It’s one of the easiest ways to grow existing service lines by introducing new and innovative features and benefits. 

As a strategic direction, it allows for significant improvements to existing processes and ways of doing business to be realized while safeguarding organizations against the high risk of disruptive innovation. 

Did you know orthopaedic surgeries have:

  • 10–34% same-day cancellation rates2  
  • 2–14% 30-day readmission rates3

These stats indicate that significant improvements to existing ways of helping patients prepare for surgery and manage their post-op care are necessary to make progress in meeting the Quadruple Aim. 

Facilitating two-way patient-provider communication using a digital platform can help improve pre-op task adherence to limit same-day cancellations and lower readmission rates

Engaging with patients utilizing digital health tools to facilitate care plans and foster communication with their care team is no longer the radical, industry-disrupting idea it once was. Rather, your patients, many of them baby boomers, have adopted this same technology to prolong their active lifestyles.   

Most critically, an incremental innovation approach to changing how care plans are shared with patients before and after surgery is one way for providers to differentiate themselves from their competition while meeting growing demands for expanded services from their patient populations.

Ayva is the incremental innovation that can lead to significant improvements for your patients in the following areas:

  • Reduction in surgical anxiety with preoperative education 
  • Increased adherence to preoperative instructions
  • Increased adherence to their discharge plan and instructions 
  • Improved medication adherence

Meeting the demands of the Quadruple Aim

Core Focus of Ayva: The Quadruple Aim

Ayva supports your practice’s goal to realize gains across the Quadruple Aim.

Here’s how: 

Better Health Outcomes: Infection is one of the top three reasons that lead to readmission. Sharing videos and instructions about properly cleaning the incision can help patients reduce the likelihood of readmission and improve their overall health outcomes. 

Improved Patient Experience: Much of patient dissatisfaction stems from a breakdown in patient-provider communication.4 Because regularly occurring in-person communication is impossible, Ayva serves as a trusted go-between with whom patients can engage in getting their questions answered fast. 

Lower Costs: At an average cost of $2,779, every same-day cancellation costs your practice or surgery center time, money, and resources.5 Even a slight reduction in the percentage of cancellations can yield significant financial benefits. 

Enhanced Clinician Experience: Developing workflows that enable a care team to identify and manage post-op risk factors makes it easier for you to identify and treat patients who require intervention. Ayva offers the added confidence that your care plans are shared with patients at the right point in their surgical journey. 

Why Ayva for your surgery center

Providers and care teams are under enormous pressure to do more with less. 

An incremental innovation approach to improve patient-provider perioperative communication is one way to relieve that pressure while showing gains towards the Quadruple Aim.

With Ayva, you don’t have to shoulder the burden of meeting the Quadruple Aim alone.

Demo our easy-to-use app today!

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