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Get reliable patient-reported data to power an optimal recovery and reduce costly readmissions

Gather the patient data you need after orthopedic surgery to manage optimal care plans with an easy-to-use app.

Get reliable patient-reported data to power an optimal recovery and reduce costly readmissions

Once your patient goes home after surgery, having a complete picture of adherence to your enhanced recovery care plan can prove challenging. 

If they develop complications that require readmission to the hospital, you’re left guessing why and your practice loses money.

Enabling your patients to easily self-report post-op task adherence can increase the likelihood of compliance and give you more reliable information to determine if an intervention is necessary to avoid a potential readmission.

Reliable self-reported patient data can also be used to identify gaps in care plans that may be leading to complications and poor patient outcomes. 

Stop the guesswork

You already know that infections and uncontrolled pain are among the top reasons patients are readmitted to the hospital after surgery. 

What you don’t know is your patients’ behavior and adherence to recovery after surgery protocols leading up to the readmission. 

If there were an effective and efficient way for your patients to share this information with you, it would take the guesswork out of the equation and help your practice avoid the associated costs of readmissions.

Make it easy for your patients to self-report data in real-time

While you understand the importance of collecting data from your patients after surgery, it’s not an easy undertaking in the real world.

Your practice staff can spend untold hours and resources trying to call patients on the phone or mailing surveys to their homes — with minimal return on investment. 

This is where digital health tools can prove most effective. Watch how easy it is for your patients to enroll and self-report behaviors and outcomes.

  • No downloads or additional software
  • Alerts every time there’s a new message
  • Simple-to-use interface

It has never been easier for your patients to self-report data in real-time — or for your staff to access it.

Pinpoint interventions and identify gaps

Knowing if your patients are complying with your post-op protocols is key to an optimal recovery.

If a patient starts to report excessive pain, this could be a red flag that something is going wrong. The patient’s case manager would notice and alert you, and you could quickly pinpoint an intervention that could help the patient avoid a visit to the ER or readmission. 

However, without that self-reported data point, the care team would be unaware. Further, if you start to see a pattern of excessive pain being reported by patients, it could indicate a gap in the care plan or that patients don’t understand how to follow the protocols for pain management. 

Make it simple for you to optimize your care plans and have your patients self-report post-op task adherence in real-time with an easy-to-use app

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