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Ayva Ortho: The future of virtual perioperative care is here

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West Palm Beach, Florida — It’s safe to say that two of the most prominent industries of the 21st century are healthcare and technology. Few companies have grasped this concept quite like Bravado Health. Based in South Florida and founded in 1998, Bravado Health exists for one reason: to connect the world through personalized healthcare.

At its core, Bravado Health is a technology company. However, it’s the heart of the company’s leadership team and staff that truly encapsulates what Bravado Health is all about.

“In order to deliver the best possible care, we need to ensure that healthcare professionals have access to resources and tools that simplify the process and support their efforts,” said Chris Lazzara, CEO of Bravado Health. “It’s not enough to simply keep up; we want to lead, and that will always be our primary focus.”

Ayva Ortho is a new virtual perioperative assistant software.

Ayva Ortho is a new virtual perioperative assistant software.

The quest for more connected health continues

Today, Bravado Health introduced its newest service called Ayva Ortho. Ayva Ortho is based on the company’s Ayva platform and was designed primarily for case managers and clinicians specializing in orthopedic care.

Ayva Ortho allows case managers to more efficiently and effectively communicate with their patients, providing best practices for both pre-operative readiness and post-operative care.

As a virtual perioperative assistant, Ayva also makes it easier for case managers to monitor their patients’ progress and address issues or answer questions in real-time. For patients, Ayva encourages engagement by coaching them through the process and simplifying their care journey from start to finish.

By incorporating automation, Ayva Ortho not only makes engagement easier for case managers and orthopedic surgeons, but also allows them to expand their caseload, when necessary.

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While Bravado Health software is powered by a team of highly-skilled technicians and engineers, the healthcare program and strategies are devised by Dr. John Bernot. Dr. Bernot is Bravado Health’s Chief Medical Officer and a practicing family medicine physician who also has extensive experience working with health information technology initiatives.

To learn more or to request a demo, visit or call 1‑866‑727‑4786.

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