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Discharge & Patient Care Management


ScriptRx provides physicians with a unique set of tools that expedite the discharge planning process; improve treatment outcomes through education and care coordination; and enhance the patient experience with features like e-prescribing.

Quickly Find the Right Content

ScriptRx suggests relevant discharge instructions based on your diagnosis of the patient, helping you find the content you need efficiently. If the instructions you're looking for don't appear in the list, performing a quick search will display additional results.

Customize Content on the Fly

Every patient is unique, but not every discharge instruction is tailored to their treatment plan. Other applications force you to use preloaded content that might not be ideal for your patients. ScriptRx is the only discharge planning tool that allows you to easily edit content and add notes before providing instructions to the patient. Physicians can also make permanent changes to instructions and save them as favorites for future use.

Provide Instructions in Multiple Languages

ScriptRx offers instructions in multiple languages, including Spanish and Portuguese. All content is provided in English by default. If you would like discharge instructions in a language that is not currently available, please contact us for more information.

Easily Access Frequently-Used Instructions

To make the discharge process more convenient, ScriptRx offers the ability to create Patient Education Favorites. Favorites are stored by diagnosis category and appear at the top of the list, making it easy to recall frequently-used content.

Keep Patients In-Network

Automatically generated referral reports can be used to follow up with patients after a hospital visit, increasing the likelihood that they will schedule an appointment with an in-network provider. You can also customize a detailed encounter summary before sharing the information with other physicians via a secure network.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

It's easy to manage providers who write prescriptions with ScriptRx's industry-leading e-prescribing and EPCS software. In addition to significantly enhancing the patient experience by reducing prescription hassles and saving an extra trip to the pharmacy, it also satisfies a core requirement for Meaningful Use.

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Bravado Billing

Revenue Cycle Management


Let the experts at Bravado Health help you with a better revenue cycle management solution that increases your efficiency, takes complicated billing issues off your plate, and improves your financial returns.

Free Yourself From Claims

Submit the superbill and we'll manage your claims until you get paid. It's that simple. We take on the burden of tracking claims, managing appeals, chasing collections and sorting through changes enacted by payers. Denials are automatically prevented within the revenue workflow before claims are submitted.

Access Specialty-Specific Resources

Make sure you're getting paid what you should with a dedicated team of experts on your side. Bravado Health understands the nuances of your specialty, and we have the tools and resources to help grow your practice and improve the way you serve your patients.

Get Help More From Your Staff

Paired with our expert support, Bravado Billing's hands-on training program equips practice staff with the knowledge and tools they need to efficiently and effectively manage your office from front to back. Best of all, it's included with the service.

Improve Practice Performance

Increase your revenue and improve cash flow using our comprehensive claims management system. Complementary services such as provider enrollment, credentialing, contract negotiations and compliance management are included at no extra charge.

Attest for Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use payment adjustments take effect next year. You could be subjected to reduced Medicare reimbursements if you aren't a meaningful user. We have the tools and experience to ensure that you receive the maximum allowable payment from each visit.

Get Help When You Need It

Think of your dedicated Bravado Billing team as an extension of your practice. From software support to practice development, we're always here to answer your questions.

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