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Connecting with patients has never been easier.

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Introducing Clara

Clara (Care Liaison and Automated Recovery Assistant) is Bravado Health’s new solution for the coordination of patient care after being discharged from the emergency department. Clara augments processes of care with resources and support for patients discharged to home. With just one click the physician engages Clara, triggering a robust automated care plan tailored for each patient. Clara then teaches the patient about their diagnosis and treatment, while making it easier to comply with their plan of care.

With 80 percent of today’s emergency department patients being discharged to home, the risk for revisit is high. That’s why having an ally is crucial — both for the well-being of the patient, as well as the productivity of the physician.

Clara is that ally.

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Clara’s Story

Introduction: Follow along and discover how Clara helps to guide the patient experience through customized services and solutions.

Clara’s Story

Scene 1: Patient experiences injury or illness.

Clara’s Story

Scene 2: Patient is treated and discharged by the Emergency Department. Medications are prescribed electronically, referral appointments are made, and patient education is provided.

Clara’s Story

Scene 3: Patient is alerted when the prescription is ready for pickup and receives relevant medication education.

Clara’s Story

Scene 4: Patient visits in-network specialist to continue treatment.

Clara’s Story

Scene 5: Patient takes a follow-up survey to provide feedback on the patient experience.

Clara’s Story

Scene 6: Patient is back in good health and the information collected is utilized for performance improvement.

Clara and the Emergency Department

A Unique Environment

The emergency department is a unique environment within the health care system, bridging the worlds of outpatient and inpatient care.

Hospital Admissions

50 percent of hospital admissions come from the emergency department.

Home Discharge

80 percent of emergency department patients are discharged to home.

Engagement and Loyalty

Emergency departments are uniquely positioned to drive both patient engagement and hospital loyalty.

Treat and Release

CMS’ Emergency Department Patient Experiences with Care Survey includes a version dedicated to “treat and release” patients.

Early Adopter Program

Clara can help your organization improve efficiency, quality, patient safety, patient experience, patient loyalty, and clinician experience. It also provides your patients with high-quality education, support, and care coordination. So why wait for our 2018 launch? Bravado Health is partnering with a select group of emergency departments to give early access and input on the final product. To learn more about our Early Adopter Program, click the link below.

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